Medical Insurance vs Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance

Most Vision Insurance Plans cover routine eye exams, occasionally contact lens evaluations, and often an allowance towards or discounts on eye-glass frames, and lenses. Routine eye exams enable the doctor to look for eye diseases or conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal tears, dry eyes, and more. If your exam reveals a medical diagnosis, we will bill your medical insurance on your behalf. 

Medical Insurance

If you are being treated or are diagnosed with an eye disease or condition due to a medical problem such as an eye injury, headaches, cataracts, complications from diabetes, etc, than your medical insurance is billed and the claim will go through them. Your medical insurance can still be billed even though your vision plan may also be active. Your typical medical insurance co-pays and deductibles will still be collected for your eye visit and treatment. Please note that if you are required to get a referral to see a specialist, than you will need a referral to see me (an Optometrist). 

Even if your medical insurance is billed, you can still use your vision plan benefits towards new eyeglass frames, lenses or contact lenses depending on what your vision plan allows. 

*We will not neglect medical findings that are in direct conflict with ethical obligations to the Pennsylvania Board of Optometry. 

At Dr. Dennis Denick, OD, PC, we understand that insurance coverage can be very confusing so if you have questions about the difference between medical insurance and vision insurance, feel free to ask.

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