Ocular Disease

Treating Ocular Disease in Plymouth Meeting, PA

It’s easy to take our eyesight for granted, but in reality, our eyes are vulnerable to both environmental and systemic health risks. An accidental injury or a severe illness can rob us of our precious gift of vision. Dr. Dennis Denick treats diseases of the eye in Plymouth Meeting as well as providing high-quality care to maintain and improve vision and eye health.

Keep Your Vision in Good Health for Life

Our eyes process the light they receive and communicate data to the brain through electronic impulses. Several viral, bacterial, and genetic conditions can affect the eyes and their ability to function properly. These threats are why our eyes need both protection and ongoing care.

While vision problems and eye disease can occur at any time, the risks almost always increase with age.  Maintaining ideal ocular health requires annual eye exams and taking immediate action if you ever notice changes in your vision.  

Many eye conditions can become progressively worse so avoiding regular vision testing and eye exams are not in your best interest. 

Eye Health with Dr. Denick

During your eye exam, Dr. Denick checks your eyes for a list of disorders including conjunctivitis, dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration, among other conditions that may be connected to your overall health. Any unusual eye symptoms should be reported to Dr. Denick immediately.

Our eye doctor is gentle, compassionate, and currently accepting new patients. His dedication to ideal vision and eye health leads him to care deeply about our family of patients. 

If you are seeking routine vision care in Plymouth Meeting or have an ocular (eye) emergency, please call Dr. Denick right away – our warm and friendly staff is eager to answer your questions.

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